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"She Wore Black:

The Alexis Chronicles Book One"

About J L Park - Author

Fear destroyed their society, and only one woman is brave enough to stand up.

Abduction, abuse, and blame are only common for women in GreyBrook. When Reed is abducted and forced to suffer at Walker’s hands, she is lost to the pain and distress that many others before her have faced.

Hope, although dim, shines in Reed’s heart. Through her pain, she remembers the book. The one written by those that came ‘Before.’

The woman in Black, the woman bringing a rebellion to the forefront of Reed’s mind. Reed will do anything to find her. Not only that, but she’s sworn to bring GreyBrook to its knees.

Fans of the Hunger Games and A Handmaid’s Tale will love She Wore Black: The Alexis Chronicles Book One.

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In her 'real' life, J L Park is a 30 something wife, and mother of two, Registered Nurse, with a small 'zoo' of animals. Based in the beautiful New Zealand/Aotearoa, she speaks (and writes) New Zealand English, basic Te Reo Maori and basic New Zealand Sign Language - the three national languages of New Zealand. 


In her spare time, after the kids and the animals are in bed, she loses herself in the worlds of her characters, and enjoys seeing where they will take her.


The Alexis Chronicles Series - currently consisting of a prequel novella, and Book One and Two, with Book Three in progress - is her first series, but it will not be her last. She enjoys writing dystopian fiction, imagining a world not to far from where we are now, if we don't make the right decisions as we are. 
The Alexis Chronicles is Dystopian Adult fiction, but J L Park has plans to branch into Dystopian/Urban Fantasy cross-over/mix in the near future.

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